“Every child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picaso

What a week! I spent most of the week at my sister’s house, helping around the house (folding laundry, playing/babysitting the niece and nephew, and cleaning up at the end of the night). It was a nice reprieve and kept my mind a little occupied and away from negative thinking that I am normally prone to. It also gave me a little time to flex my creative muscles as I played with the kids. Thier imaginations are strong and we easily get carried away into a world of make believe. I absolutely love it!

At the end of the week I made a trip out to the nearest book store and picked up a few reading materials. I recently finished Breakfast with Buddha, by Roland Merullo. It was a fantastic book with wonderful insight and many laugh out loud moments. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know what an everyday joe schmo can do to incorporate a spiritual life to their every day way of life.

At the book store I picked up Me Talk Pretty One Day, by Greg Sedaris. Can’t wait to start it. I also picked up The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. It is a 12 week program to unleash the creative spirit and turning creativity into a spiritual practice. It was recommended to me by someone who has ultimately changed my life for the better. Dina, if you’re reading, thank you.

This week’s assignment is Recovering a sense of safety. In addition to the weekly artist’s date and daily Morning Pages, the focus is to acknowledge the little nagging inner censor and identifying where, when, and by whom the seeds of this irksome voice were planted. Like weeds, we want to pull the voice out at its root and open up the creative passageways and clear the blockage. I am hopeful and take the assignment seriously.

I will let you know how it goes!

As always thank you for stopping by!


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Another aspiring writer, prone to random muse attacks and philosophical wanderings. Learning, rather quickly, there is more than just madness in this wonderful life known as wonderland. View all posts by KrisEKing

2 responses to ““Every child is an artist. The Problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picaso

  • Kristen Alestra

    I just finished Me Talk Pretty One Day!! I really liked it, however, I felt the ending was anti-climactic. However, a great read through and through. Who cannot appreciate such wit?

    I have heard of Breakfast with Buddah! Thoughts so far? And I see you have The Artist’s Way. Have you started it yet?

    x0x0 Kristen

    • KrisEKing

      I have indeed started it. It is AMAZING. I actually veered off a bit due to extenuating circumstances and let me tell you I can feel its absence. Knowing you, you would absolutely love it. Me talk Pretty One Day is coming along, but I rescued Poisonwood Bible from the depths of my mother’s shed. That book hooks me every time. I will go on record and say Barbara Kingsolver is my favorite modern writer, right up there with Milton and Hardy.

      Breakfast with Buddha was simply amazing. It made me laugh, and you could feel the frustration and twisting of a conciousness trying to understand the simple art of “sitting.” Picture this: a monk in Orange robes, strapping on bowling shoes, and enjoying bowling like a little kid!

      I recommend it. I own it, so I can always let you borrow it!!!
      Love you lots and hope to see you soon!

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