Have you Heard about Wordle?

Wordle: Ladybug
If you haven’t heard of Wordle, then you’re missing out on some fun, or an added procrastination technique other than facebook. Wordle is a website in which you enter a peice of text, maybe you have a poem you just wrote, or maybe you have a fun quote you like to look at. At the hands of the creative programing, the text will be formatted in a fun emblem you can post to your blog. The recent wordle adventure included the new poetry post, my poem “A Mother’s Advice.” Pretty cool, right? Well, I think so. Now if only I could figure out how to make it bigger….
*le sigh* sometimes I wish I had a tech geek in my life.


About KrisEKing

Another aspiring writer, prone to random muse attacks and philosophical wanderings. Learning, rather quickly, there is more than just madness in this wonderful life known as wonderland. View all posts by KrisEKing

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