Who’s the Author?

On a warm winter night (yes…you heard right… the joys of Florida) I sat outside, next to a sparkling pool glistening beneath the star and moon filled sky. I was thinking about my life and all the things I wanted to accomplish during it.

I was staring at the little flower box my sister had at the edge of her pool, a box that during the day spouted a wonderful waterfall, and that was now quiet. Two solar power lanterns book ended a statue of a meditating buddha. (not the fat happy one).

There was something so peaceful in the scene. There was something overtaking me, something bigger than myself, trying to free itself from the confines of my human frame. If only I could make it so every man, child, and woman could feel such light.

But alas! I was a writer, an unconfident one at that.

I glanced up to the sky and shooting star whizzed past. For a moment I thought I was blessed with magic, but then I reigned in my overactive imagination and settled for a wish, a story to write, a book to publish.

Two years later, sitting in warm corner of my favorite coffee-house I began dreaming myself away from the blinding white snow falling outside. It was my story. It was my characters, all of them unfolding and finding their way to my screen through the tap tap tap of my fingers against the keys. Character sketches. poignant scenes. A love story. A heroic journey. Everything seeming to just burst at the seams. It was then that I realized I didn’t want to become a writer… I was a writer. Still, I felt there was something holding my creativity back.

Hi. I’m Kristen Santori, though for writing I choose to go by the pen name Kris. E. King.  (a tribute to my grandfather who wielded the creative spirit and the artist’s soul) Welcome to Wandering the Way, a blog where I am journeying through the pages of The Artist’s way, letting my creativity bloom and my inner artist emerge. Once completed I am looking to attempt to write my first novel. Join me as I make my dream a reality.

Thanks for stopping by! And Namaste.


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